Embarking on your startup journey can prove challenging and isolating at times. The path ahead demands a multitude of decisions, each holding the potential to shape your venture’s destiny. The key to enduring and thriving in this realm lies in consistently making sound choices—selecting the optimal opportunities and strategies. Welcome to my Startup Mentoring Programs 2024

Here, I offer you my support in getting these decisions right. I act both, as your sounding board, to discuss your ideas, as well as a business coach, to help you recognize and utilize the best opportunities. You have it in you to own and run a successful business, don’t let anything get in your way!


Click on image to see brief description. For complete details click on ‘Program Details’. All Business and Startup Mentoring Programs include a FREE 30 min assessment call to decide on which program best suits your needs or if you need a custom program


Entrepreneurial Essentials Program


USD $900

Business Mentoring Programs 2024

Solopreneur Mastery Program


USD $750

Business Mentoring Programs

Founder’s Accelerator Program


USD $800

Startup Mentoring Programs 2024

Validate Your Ideas and Find The Right One


USD $250

Program Details

Build Your Pitch Deck and Narrative


USD $400

Program Details

Growth Hacking Tactics for Early-Stage Startups


USD $450

Program Details


“What do you need to start a business? Three simple things: know your product better than anyone, know your customer, and have a burning desire to succeed.”