Founders Accelerator Program

Completing the “Founder’s Accelerator Program” provides struggling or new startup founders with a transformative experience. They gain a comprehensive understanding of entrepreneurship, spanning product development, marketing, finance, and scaling. This knowledge, coupled with strategic guidance, fuels accelerated growth and enhances founders’ confidence. Efficiency improves as they implement best practices, reducing resource wastage.

Networking opportunities expand their professional connections, and financial savviness attracts potential investors. Adaptability becomes a strength, allowing founders to navigate market changes effectively. Moreover, the program emphasizes sustainability, instills problem-solving skills, fosters leadership development, and propels goal achievement. Ultimately, it equips founders to overcome challenges and achieve long-term success in the dynamic startup landscape.


Program Framework

1: Dream Big and Set Goals

• What is your long-term vision for your startup?
• What specific goals do you want to achieve in the short and long term?
• How do you envision the impact of your startup on your target market?

2: Hack Your Business Model

• What is your current business model, and how can it be improved?
• Are there new revenue streams or partnerships to explore?
• How can you enhance your value proposition for customers?

3: Market Mojo and Validation

• Have you conducted thorough market research?
• What evidence supports the demand for your product or service?
• How can you validate your assumptions through customer feedback?

4: Build, Test, and Repeat

• How can you optimize your product or service based on user feedback?
• Are there new features or improvements to consider?
• What is your product roadmap for the next iterations?

5: Brand It, Rock It, Market It

• What is your brand’s unique identity and messaging?
• How can you reach and engage your target audience effectively?
• What online and offline marketing strategies will you employ?

6: $$$ Mastery and Fund Quest

• What is your financial projection for the next year and beyond?
• Do you have a clear plan for managing expenses and revenue?
• What funding sources (e.g., investors, grants) will you pursue?

7: Team Up and Scale Fast

• How will you scale your operations to meet growing demand?
• What roles do you need to fill within your team?
• What strategies will you use to attract, hire, and retain top talent?

8: Pitch Perfect for Investors

• Are you prepared to present your startup to potential investors?
• Do you have a compelling pitch deck and business plan?
• How will you handle investor negotiations and due diligence?


USD $800

45 Day Program | 6 Sessions + Exercises


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“What do you need to start a business? Three simple things: know your product better than anyone, know your customer, and have a burning desire to succeed.”