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Hi! I’m not your typical CEO/Founder and Director – my career has taken me all over the globe, from startups in NY, Toronto, and Singapore to even building my own startup in Dubai. If you’re an entrepreneur or founder looking for guidance, or if you’ve got an existing startup that needs a trusted advisor, count me in. In 2022/23, I have been a judge for ABH, so I’ve got resources and know-how to help you build a rock-solid, fundable venture. Let’s get started!

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Testimonials as a Startup Coach

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Business Mentor for Startups

Amy Duong

Ex-Google | Founder, France

Eric was not just a great mentor, but also a partner who stood by me during my challenging times. Being a solo entrepreneur is always tough, but having Eric’s support and valuable advice made me feel relieved. Having him as part of our small team created a sense of momentum and accelerated the process. For anyone who is looking to book a session with Eric, you are absolutely in good hands!


Shivam Verma

Co-Founder, India | ledgerwise.io

Eric is one of the best Mentors I have worked with. He brings in knowledge, patience and follows give first philosophy – tries to bond with you first, understand your strengths and weaknesses before giving his opinion. His remarks are subtle and mostly pushes you to look deeper into yourself. He goes to extra length to help you succeed, be it call/resources, helping you prepare pitches or finding right contacts to help you grow business. Sessions with him helped me look into my mistakes and strengths I have been missing. Will highly recommend to business owners looking for funding or individuals thinking of starting a new business.


Startup Coach for Entrepreneurs

Miguel Lorenzo

Founder, Australia | Filma iOS App

Eric has been an essential part of my journey as a solopreneur. He’s been so proactive and helpful knowing exactly where do I need to focus on and helping me plan and deploy the best strategy towards the success of my business. Thanks Eric for all your support, knowledge and help, I couldn’t have known all the steps and insights from myself and your expertise has definitely made my path easier and promising. Looking forward to see more amazing outcomes working with you.


Gang Qin

Entrepreneur | CTO

Eric’s guidance and support were instrumental in refining my long-term goals and helping me address my shortcomings effectively. From the outset, Eric exhibited a profound understanding of my aspirations and was keen on helping me shape them into a concrete vision. His ability to listen attentively and ask thought-provoking questions challenged me to think deeper about my ambitions, ultimately leading to a more refined and well-defined goal.

What truly stood out during my mentorship with Eric was his remarkable skill in identifying my weaknesses and areas for improvement in record time. It was almost uncanny how he pinpointed exactly where I needed to focus my efforts, demonstrating his keen observational abilities and extensive experience in mentoring. With a gentle and patient approach, Eric guided me through strategies and techniques to overcome these shortcomings, turning them into stepping stones towards my growth. Eric’s patience and experience truly set him apart as a mentor.

He consistently created a safe and open environment where I felt comfortable discussing my concerns and seeking guidance. He didn’t just provide answers; instead, he encouraged me to think critically and find solutions myself, fostering a sense of empowerment that will undoubtedly serve me well in the future. In a fast-paced world, finding a mentor who not only understands your goals but also invests the time and effort to guide you through challenges is a rarity. If you’re seeking a mentor who possesses a profound understanding of your aspirations, the ability to identify your areas of growth with finesse, and the patience to guide you through your journey


Jimmy Jaspers

CEO at Vincitori, Germany

Eric is very friendly and helpful. Has great experience, and a very extensive network. Even if he doesn’t know he gathers information from his network for you, without you even realising. Willing to take the extra step. Good experience.


Katherine T., MSW

Master of Social Work ’20, USA

Eric has been a vital asset to my life coaching business development and creation through his mentorship. He has the ability to listen, ask the right questions, help reach clarity, and look at your situation holistically, all the while discovering your values and what matters most. To add to this, his warm and friendly demeanor combined with his mindful perspective is refreshing and a joy to work with! I am grateful to have connected with Eric and will undoubtedly continue to reach out for future ventures.


Frederic Thieltgen

Founder, Belgium | litewill.com

Eric is the person to go to if your business is not gaining traction and you wonder why. We were stuck, going in circles and thanks to Eric, we moved forward. Eric managed to tell us right away what we had done wrong and came up with a 3-month plan to fix it all. Eric found out what our product needed and so far, he has been right all the way.


Christian D.

Founder / Entrepreneur, Germany

Working with Eric was my first experience in working with a Business Coach – and I did not regret it. He is calm and clear in communication – sometimes quite straight forward and brutal honest, which I thought is very valuable if your goal is to actually grow. He opened my eyes for some urgent issues I was facing by asking the right questions and leading me to find those answers. Besides his knowledge and experience as a business man I really like and appreciate him as a human being and hope to keep in touch with him in the future!


Bobi Dojcinovski

Founder, NY | wegrrow.com

I just can’t say enough good things about Eric! He is very experienced and knowledgeable. He helped me with setting up my personal and business goals, and work towards the goals. He was my accountability partner, always checking on me where I stand with the tasks 🙂 Additionally, he is a very kind person.


Kseniya Sullivan

Executive Asst at The
Chicago School of Professional Psychology

I met Eric when I was struggling with my startup and didn’t know where to start. After our first chat, he helped me figure out the steps I should take to figure out the fist stages of establishing the business.
Eric’s got a lot of experience in branding and marketing, which are the essential tools in any business, especially in the beginning stages. He gave me very specific instructions on how to estimate the competition and emphasize my strengths.
Eric and I are working on the strategies for my business right now and I am very excited to move forward! I feel strong and confident having a mentor like him help me along the way.


Praveen L.

Game Developer
Yume Heaven, Osaka, Japan

Eric is very professional and friendly mentor. His industry experience and business knowledge help my startup to grow and make the best decisions at the right time. If you are looking to take your startup to the next level, you should definitely talk to Eric.


Amadou Doumbia

Marketing Communications
Manager, Australia
Swissotel Hotels and Resorts

Eric has been my mentor as I navigate my professional development as a Consultant. He is incredibly gifted in helping others stay focused, building effective roadmaps, and providing integral council when needed. I couldn’t be more thankful for having him in my corner.


Sabrina Castro

Founder Pomme, Brazil

Eric is fun, empathetic, and has a lot of experience. He is mentoring me on creating a marketing strategy for my startup, which aims to connect mentors and mentees in Brazil. I had a business model and already started getting some leads, but I was struggling to find my way to get to the market using organic traffic and developing a brand that people love.
He listened carefully to everything and gave me mentorship about the brand, marketing, and even the business model. He is definitely an amazing person to work with!


Melanie Shim

Founder of the Green Miao, Malaysia

Eric is my mentor on creating a brand for my new online store. He uses his extensive advertising experience to navigate me in detail on how to create memorable brand through colour theory, web design and social medias.
He is always ready to go the extra mile to provide guidance when his mentees ask for it. I feel very fortunate to have his help. With him as your mentor, everything is made easy as you will know what to do after each session with him.


Sujatha Thayan

Founder E-Commerce store GlamQueen, Malaysia

I was clueless about how to brand my e-commerce store, Eric clearly explained the purpose & if there is any need for branding, or I can just focus on generating sales by asking questions in order to understand my background so he could assist me towards the right direction and it was an eye-opener for me. He has given me clear & constructive advice and suggested result-oriented strategies to improve the branding of my business. Thank you very much for sharing so much of valuable tips Eric !


Richard Oliver

Founder Wieldy Digital, UK

Eric has been mentoring me since we pivoted our business as a result of Covid-19. He has been able to guide me skilfully through the early stages of getting my new venture off the ground. His advice around marketing, strategy, sales and vision has in particular been instrumental to us. He is always available and most professional in his approach.


Mitch Langellier

Motorsports Technologist, Bath, United Kingdom

It was exciting to have someone with over 20 years’ experience in helping my start-up business. I have made more progress in a month working with Eric than I have in a year with my business idea. The first part of help provided, was mentoring me to put this idea into a detail business plan with significant market research included. With the help of Eric I am now in a great position in having a potential meeting with a company that can help me get closer to my goal.

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“What I think the mentor gets is the great satisfaction of helping somebody along, helping somebody take advantage of an opportunity that maybe he or she did not have.”