Entrepreneurial Essentials Program

Are you just starting your entrepreneurial journey? The Startup Accelerator Programs are designed to provide you with the foundational knowledge and skills you need to build a strong business from the ground up. With my experience as a Mentor and Coach, I cover everything from business planning to marketing strategies and financial management, all the while helping you understand how to validate a business idea before launching. Come work with me to succeed in building your new startup


Program Framework

1: Embark on the Entrepreneurial Journey

• Entrepreneurship Basics: The essentials for budding entrepreneurs
• Mindset Matters: Exploring entrepreneurial mindsets
• Goals That Drive: Setting your personal entrepreneurial objectives

2: Idea Factory and Opportunity Hunter

• Unleash Creativity: Generating innovative business ideas
• Spotting Opportunities: Identifying trends and market openings
• Idea Checkup: Evaluating your business concepts’ potential

3: Market Know-How and Idea Validation

• Dive Deep: Conducting customer-centric market research
• Lean to Win: Validating your idea with the Startup Accelerator Programs
• Feedback Loop: Refining your concept through customer insights

4: Business Blueprint to Build A Startup

• Plan to Succeed: Crafting a comprehensive business plan
• Roadmap to Glory: Setting clear startup objectives
• Strategic Moves: Paving the path for business growth

5: Money Matters and Fund-It Tactics

• Financial Wizardry: Grasping the art of financial management
• Budgeting Brilliance: Creating financial forecasts
• Funding Fundamentals: Exploring ways to fuel your startup

6: Marketing and Sales Wizardry

• Marketing Magic: Tailoring marketing plans for your audience
• Channels Unleashed: Exploring diverse marketing tactics
• Sales Secrets: Mastering the art of selling effectively

7: Product Power and Innovation Insights

• Crafted to Perfection: Developing and enhancing your offerings
• Innovation Nation: Fostering a culture of creativity
• Continuous Betterment: The way to improving your products

8: Build a Startup : Launch, Grow, and Scale

• Blast Off Right: Planning your startup’s liftoff
• KPI Navigation: Monitoring and adapting for success
• Scaling Playbook: Strategies for sustainable growth


USD $900

45 Day Program | 8 Sessions + Exercises


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“What do you need to start a business? Three simple things: know your product better than anyone, know your customer, and have a burning desire to succeed.”