Build Your Pitch Deck with A Compelling Narrative

This extended coaching program equips founders and entrepreneurs with comprehensive skills to expertly pitch their startup to seed and angel investors, fostering a deep understanding of investor psychology, storytelling, and pitch deck design. It will help you gain the skills and confidence to navigate investor meetings, addressing rejections and building strong relationships.


Program Framework

1: Understanding Investor Mindset

• Dive deep into the psychology of seed and angel investors to comprehend their motivations, fears, and decision-making processes.
• Learn to tailor your pitch to resonate with different types of investors and their specific interests.

2: Crafting a Compelling Elevator Pitch

• Master the art of creating a captivating elevator pitch that succinctly conveys your startup’s vision, value proposition, and market opportunity.
• Explore variations of your pitch to adapt to different settings and engage diverse audiences.

3: Defining the Problem and Solution

• Delve into the intricacies of the problem your startup solves, using real-world scenarios and relatable anecdotes.
• Develop a storytelling approach that artfully presents your solution as the perfect remedy for the pain points your target audience faces.

4: Building a Scalable Business Model

• Learn the intricacies of designing a scalable business model that excites investors with its potential for exponential growth.
• Craft a comprehensive financial narrative that outlines revenue streams, cost structure, and long-term sustainability.

5: Addressing Market Opportunity

• Master the art of conducting a thorough market analysis, presenting compelling data on market size, trends, and growth projections.
• Showcase your startup’s unique positioning within the market and its potential to capture a significant share.

6: Demonstrating Traction and Milestones

• Dive deep into the metrics that matter to investors, showcasing user acquisition, engagement rates, revenue growth, and key partnerships.
• Craft a compelling narrative that illustrates how your startup has progressed from concept to tangible results.

7: Presenting the Competitive Landscape

• Analyze your competitive landscape through the eyes of investors, highlighting your startup’s differentiators and its potential to disrupt the market.
• Develop strategies to position your solution as the preferred choice for customers and investors alike.

8: Financial Projections and Ask

• Gain expertise in creating detailed financial projections that align with your startup’s growth trajectory and funding requirements.
• Fine-tune your funding ask, clearly articulating how the investment will be used and the potential return on investment.

9: Storytelling and Connecting Emotionally

• Develop advanced storytelling techniques that weave emotion and data to create a pitch that resonates deeply with investors.
• Learn how to evoke empathy and convey the personal journey behind your startup’s mission.


USD $400

15 Day Program | 2 Sessions + Exercises


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“What do you need to start a business? Three simple things: know your product better than anyone, know your customer, and have a burning desire to succeed.”